Dear Church family,

This pandemic has been a long journey but we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This week, Governor Tate at his press conference began lifting certain restrictions in order to move us back to normal. I know all of us are ready to get back to some sense of normal. Having spoken to our deacons and the medical personnel within our church, we believe it is time for us to begin to gather physically once again. So beginning Sunday May 17, we will begin to transition in that direction. For everyone’s safety and comfort, we will not jump completely back into all activities but ease our way into them. So beginning on the 17th we will have our worship service at 11 only. At the end of May, we will evaluate things before adding other aspects of our normal routine such as Sunday school and other activities.

Even though we will be moving back to a normal routine, we must exercise wisdom and take precaution. One, if you do not feel well or you’re running a temperature, please do not attend. This is for your safety and the safety of others. Two, when you enter the facility, please utilize the hand sanitizer which will be set up at the entrance. Three, we want to maintain social distancing. This means that we must refrain from personal contact aka, hugging, handshaking. Also, this means striving to maintain a 6 foot distance between one another. We encourage you to spread out in the sanctuary. Of course, family units are encouraged to sit together. Four, some of you may feel more comfortable wearing a mask and we want you to do what you feel is best. Five, if you are a senior adult or immune compromised and do not feel comfortable returning to a physical gathering at this time, we understand. No one will judge you or look down upon you if you decide not to return physically at this time. We will continue to upload the sermons on our website so that you may continue to be a part in that manner. Everyone’s situation is different and each individual must make the decision they feel is best. Six, we will sanitize the sanctuary after each service.


Having said all this, we are excited about the opportunity to see one another again. We have missed one another and we have missed gathering together for worship. Watching a sermon on Facebook is fine but there is nothing like God's people gathering together for worship. We look forward to seeing you Sunday morning May 17th.

Brother Shad and church leadership